Titanium is element 22 on the periodic table.  The natural progression is 22outdoors.com. 

We’re glad you’ve come by.  Titanium Outdoors is the outdoor program that covers everything outdoors.  From fishing to hunting, ATV’s to Camping, and Conservation to the role that sporting plays in women’s lives, and much more, each week Titanium Outdoors brings the latest information to our listeners.  Compelling interviews, timely sporting reports, and

even a few cooking lessons, come together for two hours each Saturday morning to give the audience a great

start to the weekend, and a whole bunch of ideas for things to make the week ahead more enjoyable.

If you’re into anything outdoors, hiking, boating, camping, hunting, fishing, conservation, or just the weekend drive (on OR off the road), you’ve come to the right place.

Again, we’re pleased that you’ve found your way to Titanium Outdoors.  If there are topics that you want to hear more about, let us know.  But in the meantime, as the announcer says, grab a cup of coffee, call the family around, and enjoy the conversation.