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When my editor asked me to write about the new Polaris RZR ATV, I was pretty jacked. I’ve been piloting ATV’s for almost 19 years. I say piloting, because, in my mind anyway, I’ve been airborne on many of those rides.

But back here on planet earth, when it comes to ATVing, side-by-sides have been making an impact on the off road motor sports world. Polaris, of course,

is one of the leading manufacturers capitalizing on this popularity. It seems that they perennially are plowing forward in innovations for these great machines.

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS is one ATV in particular that tops the charts. With a 999cc 4 stroke Prostar engine, this little devil has a whopping 110-horse power. The Prostar engine is designed, engineered, and built for off-road vehicles. More specifically the Prostar seems “born” to take the beating that performance ATV’s regularly endure, and still consistently deliver power and performance. And the Prostar provides easy maintenance, and easy accessibility to all parts for repair and fine-tuning. This engine has been engineered and built by riders, for riders.

The front suspension is dual A-Arm Walker Evans 2 needle shocks, with a 16 inch travel; the rear is Trail Arm Walker Evans 2.5 needle shocks with 18 inch travel. Are you still worried about coming down off a jump and bottoming out? I’m not, if I’m driving the RZR. Or for that matter, what about running over difficult terrain such as logs or rocks? It’s almost inevitable (well, hopefully it’s inevitable) that you have to worry about the bottom of the machine. After all, isn’t that why you ride the trails? This RZR model comes stock with electric power steering, LED head and tail lights, and on-demand all-wheel drive, and it weighs in at only 1379 lbs.

Don’t want to look like every other Polaris flying across the country side? There is no need to worry, because Polaris provides an array of accessories that can be added on at time of ordering. And there are also standard “feature packages” available, with pre-picked parts, to make your machine ready for trail, desert, or dune riding. If your individuality comes simply from color, there are nine different color schemes to choose from to suit your riding appearance, and plenty of room to sticker it up as you want.

Maybe you won’t be valeting this beast at the country club (or maybe you will, Thurston), but there are door options if you choose as well, everything from a lower half aluminum door to a full canvas door. Just don’t forget to tip the valet when he gets covered in mud while opening the door for your date.Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS

Wheels are a pretty standard 30 inches, with all terrain treads, but there are options for different colors on the 15 inch rims, and a spare tire option for the back of the vehicle. Trust me, you’ll want the spare tire when you start doing the stuff your mom warned you not to do. Who knows; with the spare, maybe you won’t be late for dinner at the club.

Now if music while you ride is your thing, Polaris also provides several audio options which seem pretty decent. SXS provides an overhead sound system with six speakers and a removable radio interface (can you really trust that valet with your radio anyway?), and it has Bluetooth and an auxiliary port so you can hook up an MP3 device with all your tunes, or to listen to Titanium Outdoors while you are, well, outdoors. On the Polaris website or at authorized dealers, you can order an MTX audio panel and optional subwoofer-- if you really want to get crazy on the ride.

This two-seater ATV is pretty much the most versatile side-by-side on the market today, able to handle the most aggressive terrain; all this while keeping you comfortable in the upholstered bucket seats that offer plenty of leg room for even the tallest riders.

All-in-all this is a well-built machine for any style of riding. At a list price of $20,299 (as reviewed) it won’t be on just anyone’s trailer, but I think that the price won’t hold a true ATV enthusiast back from getting on these incredible 4 wheels and tearing it up on the trails. With the RZR XP 1000 EPS You will be able to ride the dunes, the rocky hills, or the rough rugged trails and have a reliable machine without sparing any power or handling